Practice Page #2

Oops… Forgot to post this one in the right place. It’s a follow on idea from the first Practice Page post. You can see that here.

The idea is to choose an interval from here and apply it to Practice Page #1.

It’s a brutal exercise for knowing your intervals. See if you can go through every interval – up and down – in time. You might want to make a Practice Page of these intervals in some random order. Put the metronome on 60 bpm and see if you can get through the exercise. Do one interval in the space of four beats. The whole exercise will take about 45 mins. If you can get it to naming each interval to one click then it’ll take about 10 minutes. Then you could make a really awesome video of your new found skillz and upload it to YouTube. And then the phone will start to ring and you will have lots of gigs. And some cake. And a fluffy cat with Lego paws.