Learn a Blues in Every Key

Here’s a list of blues tunes in every major and minor key, and a Spotify Playlist so you can hear them all. I blogged about this ages ago, and you can see the original post here.

It’d be a really good idea to learn them all. Then you’d have a nice repertoire of tunes, 24 ways of playing a blues progression, harmonic variations, melodies, good things to listen to, ideas for constructing solos, and so on.

Major Key Blues Heads [Opens Spotify Playlist]

  • C Major: Cheryl
  • Db Major: Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
  • D Major: D Natural Blues
  • Eb Major: Sandau
  • E Major: Follow Your Heart
  • F Major: Honky Tonk
  • F# Major: Mr. Day
  • G Major: Night Train
  • Ab Major: Freight Trane
  • A Major: Go Get It
  • Bb Major: Blues On The Corner
  • B Major: H+H

Minor Key Blues Heads [Opens Spotify Playlist]

  • C minor: Stolen Moments
  • C# minor: Equinox
  • D minor: Timeline
  • Eb minor: Loose Bloose
  • E minor: Riders On The Storm
  • F minor: Green Onions
  • F# minor: I Put A Spell On You
  • G minor: Blues For Yna Yna
  • Ab minor: Party Time
  • A minor: Love That Burns
  • Bb minor: Boogie Stop Shuffle
  • B minor: Hide And Seek