Play into changes before they happen

Play into changes before they happen.

Easy example: say you’ve got a progression that goes F- to Cmaj, you just start playing Cmaj sounds whilst you’re still on the F-

So you get the tension.

It’s the same sort of feeling as a suspension, and it works both ways, too. E.g., carry on playing F- sounds when the chord moves to Cmaj, then resolve.

You could extend it, too. Say you’re playing All The Things You Are: Start on F- and then just abandon the Bb- Eb7 Ab∆ Db∆ G7, and just play on C∆.

When the C∆ finally comes round, everyone will go, ‘AH! So, you’re not an idiot, after all’ ;)

You could extend this idea by just always playing in C for the whole gig, and when the harmony co-incides, it’s a bit like when the planets align.