Move Yourself Forward – Leveraging Technology

An interesting possibility that the Internet offers up is that you can very easily post snippets of your playing, things you’re working on, things you want to develop, for all to see.

In all likelihood, at least in my case, probably about three people will see them.

But the point is, it provides a way of getting your stuff out there, and that’s useful for giving yourself a deadline, giving you something to work towards, keeping a record of your development, drawing a line under things, getting feedback.

Without that, you’d need to see a teacher or play with people to get any feedback.

And without that, you’ve just got your bedroom and your ego.

A fine combination that will fill the largest of sails with good air on a voyage to nowhere.

So, give it a whirl.

You can set up some way of posting on the internet and post away to your heart’s content.

Try Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

See what happens…

* Posterous was an internet thing a bit ago, doesn’t exist now. Things don’t last forever.