Picking Exercise #3

All played with strict alternate picking. Start on a downstroke. (the last one will start on an up though)

Then reverse the picking; i.e., start on an upstroke. (so, start the last one on a down!)

I really like the sound of these if you can get it sounding light and fast with dynamics, say at 160 bpm. Try to put in a crescendo or decrescendo on the four 32nd notes. Go for the fast tempo, even though it may seem ridiculous. I think if you spend long enough just trying to hear/imagine/feel what that would sound like at that speed, then you’ll find a way to make the right movements to make it happen. Try strumming the exercise on an E9 for some stunt funk :) Or muting the notes for an Al Di Meola/Vinnie Moore vibe.

Well there we are, ending with Vinnie Moore.

May the good Lord of Rock stoke thy fires, my six-string brethren.

Until the morrow…