Opportunities Missed

Yesterday’s post was born out of thinking about leaving space. I was going to write ‘Leave more space’ in the book but ended up just leaving it blank and hoping you’d get the point.

Today I’m wondering what my response to something like that would be. I’d have probably glanced at it for a second and thought nothing of it.

How many opportunities do I miss by not allowing myself time to put my attention on it. How many things do I race through? How much could I learn by seeing what isn’t there?

I did an Open University course years ago where we studied Mark Rothko’s Seagram Murals. Those are the kinds of pictures I’d have previously glanced over and thought, ‘hmmm. red. good. NEXT!’. But having the time to learn about them made them fascinating.

Think about where you put your time and attention.

It’s extremely valuable.