Sometimes, it’s good to get lost in the land of Nerd.

To do things for no reason other than that it might be interesting.

To do – just because.

Today, I made an OPML file of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus so I could see what it looked like in OmniOutliner, and as a Mind Map in iThoughtsHD.

It looks pretty good. You can open it in different applications to view the structure differently. I’m yearning for a Rothko-sized monitor now, though.

I haven’t checked it with the book, so don’t go using it for your thesis or anything. The text was parsed from Damon Zucconi’s nice nested html page it follows the structure on there. He sourced the text from here.

There are some truth tables which aren’t formatted as a table in the plain-text version, so they aren’t in here. No reason why you couldn’t add them to the MindMap, though.

Here’s a PDF of the Mind Map 

Here’s the OPML outliner file

Doing this kind of thing reminds me of being a kid and getting lost in LEGOs or drawing.

I love that feeling of just making stuff for the fun of it.

Check out Andy Goldsworthy’s works.

That’s totally the same feeling.