I’m Mike Outram, the founder of Electric Campfire.

I’m a guitarist, improviser & composer. I’ve been a professional musician for around 25 years now and I’ve had the good fortune to take part in international tours, sessions and recordings with people like Carleen Anderson, Tim Garland, Herbie Mann, Theo Travis, Steve Lawson, Nikki Iles, Laura Rossi, and Steven Wilson.

Also, I’m Guitar Professor at The Royal Academy of Music, Trinity Laban, and The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London where I work with the next generation of young musicians.

A couple of years ago I started writing about improvisation, guitar playing & creativity on my blog and that developed into this site. And right now we have over 500 guitar geeks living in this bit of the internet :)

So what's Electric Campfire?

Well, you can see exactly what we've got in the way of epic courses, lessons, feedback, monthly challenges, live events, and more here on this page, but at the heart of it Electric Campfire is a place to remember what brought you to love playing the guitar in the first place.

That's the mission - to make sure the original spark that captured your imagination and made you explore the world of MUSIC is nurtured. Look, I know it's tough to do that when you're juggling jobs, kids, life, attended to the 10,000 things that are clawing for your attention, and puzzling over the 'rocket science' of modes and scales and what not! It's very easy to lose track of just the fun and curiosity of making music and playing.

So, yep, there are tons of lessons and you will be challenged, but I want you to know that we're all in the community of musicians. We're here to help each other out. And have a blast making music :)

Fun, curiosity, exploration, soul, community, the spark.

What was the thing that made YOU want to play?

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