Here are some resources, tools, apps, gear, things I use that help me with making music, practising, running my websites, running an online business, writing, productivity, workflow, and so on. Maybe some of it will be of use to you. Some of it is hyper nerdy, don’t get me started on keyboard shortcuts…



I spend a LOT of time at the machine, making music, writing, running the site, etc., etc. So I do my best to make it work as best as I can. Here’s some of the stuff that helps:




Here’s some of the stuff I run my websites with.



I’ve been running this site for a while now and am always learning about how to do business online better. I’ve taken a bunch of courses and here are the best ones I’ve used.




Ok, those are some of the resources that help me. I use all this stuff a LOT. Hope you find something useful there that makes your life easier. If you want to ask me anything about anything from that lot, feel free.

PS: Some of these links are affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase then LOOK OUT – I’m booking my goddamn helicopter outta here – I’m gone. Bahamas bound, tequila life for me. Kids? Bills? You and your problems?… A distant memory, pal…

But really, thanks.