More Chords From G Diminished


Here are some more chords from the G diminished scale.

The second column is a diminished triad with a major 7th on top. E.g., B D F A#.

The third column is a different way of writing the same thing: Bb/B – a Bb triad over a B bass note. Whatever works for you.

So there are a lot of chords in the diminished scale, eh?

There are diminished triads and diminished seventh chords on every degree of the scale.

Also, any structure that you build from the diminished scale will repeat at intervals of a minor third. So you get 4 chords for the price of 1 :)

This is one of the things that makes the diminished scale tricky to grasp, and that’s why it’s good to break it apart and focus on a little corner of the sound.

It’s tempting to want to learn as much as you can, but I’d advise you to instead focus on finding ONE thing.

And then work on it until you make it yours.

Comments on More Chords From G Diminished

  1. Mike Outram says:

    Good stuff :) Yesterday’s was just thigs to notice. The open strings make those chords G6 or E-7 and the other notes made those other chords. They’re a tritone apart G6 and Db6. The other bit was all the semitones in that scale which can be clashed with the open strings. You might clash whole tones, too. Anyhow, they’re meant to be squinted at :) See what you come up with…

  2. Jesse Molins says:

    Thanks for the diminished ideas Mike. I for one never realised all these chords are in the diminished scale. Still trying to make sense of yesterdays dim #3? scratch of the head and squint at the page!

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