Rhythmic Possibilities: Groups of 5/Quintuplets

The diagram shows all the possible rhythms within one beat using groups of 5.

The noteheads are meant to be played/clapped, and the sticks without heads are supposed to be felt.

Practise each rhythm individually until you feel like you’ve got it nailed.

If you’re up for a challenge, practise them with the metronome click on the second, third, fourth or fifth quintuplet. That’s a great way to work on making your time stronger, and your rhythmic placement very accurate.

Another exercise that’s good for sight-reading/rhythm/concentration practice is to randomly skip through the rhythms in time.

At first, try doing four of one rhythm (that’ll be a bar of 4/4) before randomly skipping to another box, do four more.

Work it up so you can randomly skip around but doing one box per beat.

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Comments on Rhythmic Possibilities: Groups of 5/Quintuplets

  1. Mike Outram says:

    Please let us know how you might use it :)

  2. lucy says:

    This has got me thinking of 5/4 and 5/8s, even more rhythm possibilities – but using metronome might be off-putting…

  3. Mike Outram says:

    5 notes per crotchet. On a table, 5 fingers, sing the rhythms – that’d be a quick way into it…

  4. Andrew says:

    Are you talking about 5-notes-per-crotchet here, as oppose to groupings of semiquavers in 5s – or both? I suppose both would be most thorough, but I never found much use for the 5-notes-per-crotchet version – yet!

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