I love being in bands where all the members are involved with the direction, arrangement, playing, marketing, ideas and so on.

The rehearsals, gigs and recordings are the ones I most look forward to.

Similarly with teaching, I think it works really well when we’re all just working on stuff together, rather than the common scenario of students waiting to be taught and a teacher reeling off a lesson plan.

Get involved!

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  1. Mike Outram says:

    Hi David. Best place, if I’m getting you, is in the Forum. Use the ‘lessons’ forum, and start a discussion re the particular lesson you mean. Or just email me with how I can help, and I’ll make you some short videos to show you how/where/when/etc. Everyone’s in the same boat, wondering how to add to the debate, so let me know what you’d like to do and I’ll make it happen :)

  2. David Lyall says:

    Am catching up with your Facebook interval posts which I really like whilst listening to Sibelius 2nd Symphony which takes me to your lesson on opening statements in this case it is a bit of a mystery where it is going and attracts the attention because of this. This illustrates a problem of mine which is I think the debate has been really interesting to your lessons – thanks to everyone for that. Anything I have to say is rather held back by my speed of response as you can see from the above. The debate is currently on navigating changes. How relevant is a comment I want to make on a lesson that is not in the current debate?

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