Root Note Solo

The idea is to solo over the chord progression above but you’re only allowed to use the root notes of each chord. Only play ‘A’ on the A-7 chord, and so on. You can use whatever As there are on your instrument.

Do this exercise for 10 hrs. Spend all day on it. But only one day. You need never do it again after that :)

If your improvising sounds boring then that’s your fault. It’s your imagination that needs work.

Another little reminder that the material is not the music.


Comments on Root Note Solo

  1. Peter Gates says:

    Cheers, I did find myself applying it to Cherokee this evening, still a struggle in places but really interesting approach, felt good

  2. Mike Outram says:

    Ha ha! Excellent! No pain, no gain :)

    I do say you probably need never do that again! If you can manage a good few hours on this kind of thing you can feel confident that you’re capable of creating tons of ideas.

    Well done!

  3. Peter Gates says:

    Just spent 3 hours on this, used various systems, horizontal all on one string, vertical on 6 strings, obvious patterns on two strings, as random as possible, and so on, l’ m now completely knackered, moving a wardrobe afterwards was light relief. I may do another couple of hours this evening, don’t think I can put in the full 10 hours in one day though!?

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