Form 100






Form creates meaning. It gives a framework to what you do. Form is a reflection of structure on a larger scale than the phrase. There’s form of motif, form of phrase, form of a chorus, form of the whole performance, form of the concert, and so on.

Jim Hall says this nice thing about how tennis is made vital because of the lines on the floor. The lines give meaning to the game. Otherwise, it’s just people whacking a ball around.

I ADORE tennis. Once, I spent pretty much a year just playing tennis every day, all day. I like it a lot. And we’re living in one of the greatest times ever for tennis; the top 20 players are all unbelievable. Do yourself a favour and watch Wimbledon this week. It’s only the third day and it’s already been exceptional. I think this year’s going to be epic.

There was this other time, I re-tiled a bathroom wall. I had a small portable TV and watched the whole of Wimbledon whilst doing this tiling. That’s probably about three tiles a day. Not very good at DIY am I.

Jackanory is beckoning…