This Month

June 2024


This month, we’re looking at some classic jazz compositions and Rhythm Changes

1. Follow Your Heart – John McLaughlin. A simple blues but with the added challenge of playing in 11/8.

2. Naima – John Coltrane. A beautiful ballad, Coltrane’s favourite composition. There are many versions of this, and we’re starting with the master take from Giant Steps and the earlier alternate takes.

3. Humpty Dumpty – Chick Corea. A jam session classic that Chick played throughout his career. We’re deconstructing the tune and a chorus of improv from Chick.

4. Rhythm Changes Challenge. Here we’re revisiting this challenge to learn some Rhythm Changes heads. I’d say you should know at least 5 rhythm changes tunes. So here are the easiest ones to learn as well as some of the other challenging ones.

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