Magic Moments

The kind of thing I’m thinking about is where you’re blabbing on to someone, ‘you know, that BIT in xxx, where yyy does zzz, it’s AHMAZHING’.

One of those moments for me is on Marvin Gaye’s ‘Keep Gettin’ It On‘. It was brought to my attention some years back by splendid chap Andrew Morel.

At 1:54, Gaye sings: ‘Get on. Get it on. Get it on.’

If you want to know what it means to deliver the perfect phrase with devastating timing and total brain-melting, gut-clenching brilliance – this is what does that for me. Just before he delivers this phrase, he says, ‘Ge’, and then stops like he changes his mind, maybe. I think maybe he saw the whole thing in that flash because there’s no doubt it could be anything else; it’s so perfectly masterful. Yet every every every time I hear it I get the same feeling. It’s just total and utter perfection in music. Maybe you have to listen to it a couple of hundred times to fully get it. But, come one now, let’s have a bit of dedication on your part please. Give it a good old listen. There’s no way there’s a better moment in the history of music. There’s a challenge…

One interesting thing for me is that most of the things that I like so much have been shared by someone else to me. It’s infectious when someone shares a thing they like. It rubs off.

So why don’t you share a moment. A bit. A specific thing. Not, ‘Isn’t Dave McDaveness ace on sax’, or, ‘have you heard the new skronkfestun album?’. I want specifics. Timed to the dot…

Come on, look lively and get to it.


Thinking about tennis again just before I hit the ‘post’ button. There are similar magic moments in sports. Bits that just blow your mind. Probably blew the minds of the practitioners as they were playing. But there they are, just for us to marvel at, share, talk about. Maybe it raises the idea of how to open up yourself, your music, the musicians, to allow things like this to happen; to make potential for magic. Maybe you can’t prepare for it.

Oh, sorry, this has all gone awry. Well, make of it what you will, and feel free to chime in with anything that takes your fancy…

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