Reading Between the Lines

Here’s the playlist. Add the greatest groove/feel you ever heard on a record.

One thing I noticed from doing the last four posts about moments, harmony, melody and groove, is that most of my favourite things aren’t my favourite things because of any of those four things. So I went over some old playlists to see if I could extract a few other reasons that I like things. I came up with a massive list of things that each piece made me think of. Memory, beauty, simplicity, complexity, people, sound, weirdness, rawness, catchyness, \m/  \m/-ness, energy, intensity, expression, space, dreams, and on and on.

But still there are other reasons why I like things that I can’t express. Maybe there aren’t reasons at all. Maybe I just like them because I like them. Having thought that, it’s not even necessary to like a piece of music for it to do its ‘music’ thing on you. Hmnnn, this seems like a deep well. So in the tradition of Wittgenstein, I’ll pass over in silence and just leave you with some random bits of music. Feel free to add some things too. That’d be splendid.

115 reasons to love music