Nice chord I took from Tchaikovsky’s String Quintet. It’s a bit of a stretch, and you have to fret a couple of notes with the tip of the little finger, but it’s worth it.

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  1. Guitar SUS chords says:

    Simple and Sound..thanks

  2. neil says:

    “doh”, yes I will turn my brain on next time. D it is.

  3. Mike Outram says:

    Yes, I get you. Just wondered if you realised C# and Db are the same note!

  4. neil says:

    nice, then you get Amaj and Bmaj triads in the scale too… relating back to the post on triads.

  5. neil says:

    Well it was a conscious choice – at first I decided I liked the b13, since then there’s two options for resolving to the third of the B chord (up from the b13 or down from the b7). I’d made a vamp going between the two chords (not playing the lower B, otherwise my hand might have just dropped off!) and then messed around with the different sounds. The more I hear it, the more I like the 13 better than the b13.

  6. Mike Outram says:

    C#/Db – you mean D, right?

    The second mode of melodic minor works nice over this. If you’re using F# dominant chord then it’s F#13(sus)b9. Scale is F# G A B C# D# E F#
    1 b2 b3 4 5 6 b7, but better to think of it like this: 1 b9 #9 4 5 6 b7. It’s a dominant function but a sus chord, no third.

  7. neil says:

    This sparked some messing around with the sound of that chord. Thinking of it as the V, then two scales work over the top of it for me

    F# G A B C# Db E (with the minor 3rd of the F#, darker)
    F# G A# B C# Db E (with the major 3rd of the F#, brighter)

    I like the way the sus sound gives you the choice of scales and it’s different to the usual thought process of V(alt) = melodic minor.

    Thanks for setting me down that road. Don’t know what anyone else thinks…??

  8. Mike Outram says:

    Yep, that works, too. Hadn’t thought of it that way. Ta :)

  9. neil says:

    Mike, looking at your take on the chord (“it’s a bit like…”) I see it a bit different – I figure this is a V(alt)-I resolution. The first chord is F# sus4 b9/B (E=7th, G=b9, B=sus4, C#=5th, F#=root). What ya reckon?

    p.s. I am one of those obsessive types who debates the name of chords for hours on end, honest :o)

  10. jesse molins says:

    Ooouch.. Repetitivestrainski!

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