Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley, Bjork, Frank Sinatra.

All these singers have beautiful nuances in their voices.

I want to do that!

Little request now: A while ago you could hear stems from the multi-track masters of famous recordings on the net. I’ve no idea how they came to be on the net. Maybe they were Pro Tools demos, or Guitar-hero tracks that the owners had let them use and then they inevitably surface on YouTube or wherever. Maybe if you know, fill me in on it. You could hear Queen, Marvin, Stevie, The Jacksons, etc. Remarkable learning resource for musicians. If you’ve no idea what I’m on about then google it for yourself and find out.

Now, my request is this: Anyone know of a track where any of the four singers above is singing completely solo? Maybe a commercially available recording, or in the case of Bjork, maybe if she reads this she’d like to send me a solo stem of her singing :) I think to study what she does with her voice would be worth a thousand lessons, to me. She’s utterly remarkable. Same goes for the Jeff, Nina and Frank. Just unbelievable riches in their voices and a wash of soul and feeling to wrap your ears around.

Any favourite singers who do remarkable things for you? Share below if you please…

Comments on Nuance

  1. Arthur says:

    A couple of Jeff Buckley tracks spring to mind:

    – ‘You & I’ from (Sketches for) My Sweetheart the drunk (this has a low drone throughout most of the track, but otherwise just vocals.
    – ‘Be You Husband’ from Live At Sin-é (this has clapping and foot stomping but is – again – otherwise just vocals.

  2. steve says:

    liz fraser (coctueau twins) saw the film the lovely bones and resisted blubbing right up to the point when liz fraser sings song to the siren oh well only human i spose

  3. Laura Kidd says:

    Great post Mike! I used to quite obsessively listen to the way my favourite singers ended their words and phrases – that level of detail adds so much to a song.

    Singers for you to check out include Carina Round, Agnes Obel, Hanne Hukkelberg and Fiona Apple – they all pack SO much in to even the shortest word. They’re like little explosions.

  4. Steve Lawson says:

    Frank, for sure. Oh to have that kind of rhythmic control!

    Also, Paul Simon, Joni, Jonatha Brooke and Paul Buchanan from The Blue Nile. All of them are story-tellers who connect, who bring melody, lyrics and intent together in a way that magnifies the emotional/narrative quality of the music. You hear *through* the music to the story. That’s what I want to do :)

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