Give Yourself A Problem

I said in a previous post that creativity is where imagination meets reality.

It’s very easy to start the creative process.

You just imagine something, maybe something you know is impossible, like playing with a snowflake, for example.

Then you’ve given yourself a problem, and if you think about it for long enough, you’ll find a way of doing it.

Or, you’ll start thinking differently, and, if you apply yourself, you’ll come up with something new.

That’s the hard part – Investing enough time to make yourself come up with something and figuring out how to make it real.

Generating ideas is the easy bit.

Another way is to take something that’s already out there but maybe you don’t do it, and mess around with it and see what happens.

A problem for you

Take, for example, E∆ to C7 alt.

You can do this thing on the piano where you put the pedal down and just run your hand all over the black notes to get this huge sound.

On E∆ you get F# G# A# C# D#, which is 9, 3, #11, 13, 7.

All the juicy notes.

On C7 alt. you get b5 #5 b7 b9 #9.

All the altered notes.

So here’s your problem for today:

How can you do that kind of thing on the guitar?

Or can you imagine how to make a whole band create that kind of sound?

Now do the hard work and make it happen.



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  1. Mike Outram says:

    Well I’m glad it worked out for you, Gregori. I wept a little when I saw your post.

  2. Amazing idea. At about midnight I thought of an intergalactic butterfly flying through some kind of nebula or supernova. I had to get out of bed to record that idea somehow. I just looped ideas over and over each other. When I thought about the butterfly I just muted my strings and played as fast as I could with a pick. Going from extremely soft, gradually getting louder and then fading away again. I wept and then I got naked, made a fire with my bare hands, chopped up some wood and watched boxing

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