Holiday For Hand: Forced Creativity


Drummer Leon Parker would sometimes play whole gigs with just a cymbal.

Pretty daring, but what an amazing way to learn!

If you want to develop your fretting-hand or whatever for that matter, then that seems like the ultimate way to go about it.

Forced Creativity.

More fun than doing exercises!

By limiting yourself in such a way, you give yourself the opportunity to develop things you’d never thought of.

You just need to be willing to take the risk.

Comments on Holiday For Hand: Forced Creativity

  1. Michael De Souza says:

    Sure, just reminded me of this guy,
    so inspirational!

  2. Darren Lewis says:

    Michael; Jimi Hendrix done this….used his teeth, although i dont think he done it for a full show/gig…would of be cool though.

    more towards mikes thought…i have often thought what it must be like to play your instrument in a differnt way to how you naturally play, or appoarch the guitar, for example, wondering what it must of been like for Jeff Healey to play, or stevie wonder. turn up to a gig, and play with your eyes closed the entier time. or try it out for a few hours when practising. like mike said, “you give your self the opportunity to develop things you’d never thought of”

  3. Michael De Souza says:

    I literally can’t see how this would be possible for a whole gig unless you replaced you picking hand with say, a big toe, or your nose…

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