The Last Minute

I’m not very good at getting things done. If you’ve ever followed my endeavours to finish the various things I start, you’ll have an idea of how unbelievably bad I am a doing that. I have an album that’s almost finished, I have a book that’s waiting to be made, I have a duo record that’s totally done but needs some liner notes!, I have other little projects I’d like to do, etc., etc. I’ve read MANY books on productivity. I do GTD. I have Omnifocus. I TRY my best.

But still….

Hmnnn, could do better…

But, I know this:

A deadline works.

One little deadline I have at the moment involves writing something in a notebook and posting it here on this website, and writing some words to accompany it. It’s not life or death. But that’s ok. What matters is that I’m here, away from my scanner, using Photobooth to take a picture of my notebook, so I can get it done. So I can post it to the site and go to bed.

Good night.