Whip-Cracker: How Do You Decide What To Do?

Maybe you have a boss.

Lucky you.

You can give over that part of your purpose to someone else.

They’ll give you the answers to, ‘what should I be doing now?’.

For the people without a boss, unfortunately, you have to find a way to crack the whip.

You have to find the answer to, ‘what should I be doing now?’.

Actually, it’s more like, ‘which of the 473 things that I could be doing right now should I be doing?’.

So, haul yourself out of bed, put on the theme to Rocky, and be the whip-cracker and the minion in one.

Make a nice name for him if you have to.

Talk to yourself.

Write e-mails, letters, notes to self.

Let the Berlinian higher-self order the lower-self around.

This is an ETERNAL STRUGGLE for me.

So if you have any advice, I’d LOVE to hear it.