Put The Hours In

Stop whinging.

Put some glue on your chair.

Sit down.

And get to work.

Every day.

For years.

Comments on Put The Hours In

  1. Joe Rodriguez says:

    Although the title says the truth, sometimes we can unconsciously fall into a rut. Or sometimes, no matter how long we seem to work on a particular piece or whatever, we don’t seem to advance upwards to the next plateau (some would even say they are going down hill).
    It is during such times that I’ve found that tools such as visualization work so incredibly well. To paraphrase the great Jerry Bergonzi, “The mind visualizes what the body does in a multidimensional fashion. It practices the fingerings and the notes, it hears the sound and the content, it feels the intention, the emotion, and the nuances of what is played. The body then follows suit. The body teaching the mind is actually a backward process and for this reason through the use of visualization we are able to learn more quickly”
    Try it sometimes.

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