Here’s a polychord of E and Eb major that I’m particularly fond of.

RE writing: I use a diagonal line to indicate a slash chord – a triad over a bass note, and a horizontal line to indicate a polychord – one triad over another triad.

I don’t really encounter many polychords in my musical universe, but when I do, it’s a sure sign that paroxysms of musical pain are on their way. And regarding suffering, I follow the creed laid down by Ms. Carol Leifer:

‘No pain, no pain’ :)

But if you are after some bitonal nourishment, may I suggest a diet of writing out all the possible major triads over all major triads?

That’ll be 11 triads over each bass note. (discounting the likes of A over A)

So 11 x 12 = 132 possibilities.

Scribble them out, or better yet, write them out in a text file and post them to the comments below, and then figure out how to play them on the guitar.

Hint: use open strings.

You could also do minor triads.

And combinations.