Let’s have a beer…

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Let’s have a beer!

Missed the first one, but it was Heel Stone, from Stonehenge Brewery. I bought eight beer tokens. Here’s what transpired…

02: Exmoor Beast. A weighty brew.

03 Devon Pale Ale, Gargoyle’s Brewery.

04 James Mild. Isle of Avalon Brewery. Redolent of Roxy Music with distant echoes of pub rock. Bon Jovi mixed with expressive dance. Delightful.

05 Moles Tap Bitter. Melksham Town. No idea what that means. Probably feigning competence at this point. A mole in a drink. Good idea.

06 Druid’s Fluid. Wizard Ales from Ilfracombe. Probably asking for the weirdest pint and getting knowing, withering looks from the aficionados.

07 Chalkstream. Ramsbury Brewery. Chips and large men. Probably a good idea to leave at this point.

08 Eau de tap.

Comments on Let’s have a beer…

  1. Arron Storey says:

    I love Sam Smiths’ ales – so fresh! There’s a Sam Smiths pub in
    Peterborough so when I occasionally go back to see my family and watch the football I try and
    stop in. I’m not sure I’ve tried that one though, so I’ll give it a whirl next time.

    An interesting thought about my evolving attitude to practice. I had a singing job arrive in my inbox yesterday which is normally good news, but my immediate reaction was actually one of annoyance because it means I’ll have less time to practice guitar today! Ha ha!

  2. Mike Outram says:

    Nice story, Storey :) Excellent list! Sam Smiths is probably my fav ale. The one I like best is this one: http://www.samuelsmithsbrewery.co.uk/site/product/organic-pale-ale/

  3. Kim says:

    My absolute fave is Hopback Summer Lightning
    Duh…Miles Davis with John Scofield? Sweet it ain’t.

  4. Arron Storey says:

    I have nothing jazz-related to say here, so here’s a quick beer-themed post before I stop for the night! I met a Canadian girl in Kenya in 2012, we quickly became very good friends and we have managed to see each other for at least a few days every year since we met; sometimes for a few weeks and a road-trip, other times just for a long weekend – last year it was a Coldplay concert at Wembley Stadium! But no matter where we go and what we do, we ALWAYS drink a lot of beer! Since this little tradition started, we have each maintained a ‘Top-5’ beer list, which we update each other with whenever an important discovery is made and a change takes place. Feel free to share your top-5 as I’m always keen to try new beers, but here, as it stands, is mine in no particular order. :)

    1. Little Creatures Pale Ale (Western Australia)
    2. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (UK)
    3. Buddy’s Honey & Whiskey Ale (US – way better than it sounds!)
    4. Badger’s Golden Glory (UK)
    5. Joli Rouge Oatmeal Cocoa Stout (France)

    Have a good weekend, y’all!

  5. Mike Outram says:

    Nothing to say, other than, I love what you wrote. It’s almost a Haiku.

  6. tony heiberg says:

    Best beer review I’ve read, Mike. You could definitely moonlight as a comedy writer and reviewer of myriad topics. Cheers.

  7. steve says:

    just gimme some darkstar hophead summers coming :)

  8. jesse molins says:

    Tuckers maltings eh. My dad is/was there. He sells sausages.

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