Inner Urge Pentatonic Cheat


Here’s a nice little cheat for the B section of Inner Urge. You can just play descending minor pentatonics starting from C# minor.

Here’s the chord progression on the bridge: E∆#11 Db∆#11 D∆#11 B∆#11 C∆#11 A∆#11 Bb13#11 G∆#11

It’s a pattern. Down a minor 3rd, up a semitone, down a minor 3rd, up a semitone, down a minor 3rd, up a semitone, down a minor 3rd.

Using the C#minor pentatonic on the E∆#11 works. The notes in C# minor pent are C# E F# G# B. In relation to E∆ that’s 6 1 2 3 5

Using the C minor pentatonic on the Db∆#11 works too. The notes in C minor pent are C Eb F G Bb. In relation to Db∆ that’s 7 2 3 #11 13

That pattern repeats as you move through the chords and work down the pentatonics. Even that Bb13#11 works because there’s no 7th in the pentatonic you’re using at that point. [G minor pent]

Anyway, that’s the theory. All you need to do is move your hand ;)

My friend, Phil Danter, used to refer to this type of stuff as, ‘lightning in a bottle’, which is exactly how I feel about it.

Hey, ho!

Enjoy it while you can, but don’t forget to WORK UNTIL YOUR FINGERS BLEED, too.

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  1. tony heiberg says:

    Thanks, Mike. We are playing this tune at the Hand & Flower Jam on Sunday and your tip will certainly prove useful.

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