Practice Hack: Overcoming The Resistance


There’s a way of motivating yourself to go running:

Instead of willing yourself to go, make it your goal to put on your running shoes and close the front door.

Put yourself into a situation where you feel compelled to act.

Initially, you have to convince yourself that the goal is the goal.

So even if all you do is literally put your running shoes on and get outside you’re done.

It’s making the HABIT that’s key to overcoming The Resistance

I used a similar approach for writing this series of lessons.

I would just write something in the book, an idea or topic.

And then I’d be committed to writing for the blog.

So, that lead me into thinking about what might be a good way to motivate yourself into practising.

I heard a good one from Nigel Price [who is a fantastic guitarist].

I think the gist of it was that he had a book of horrible things that people had said over the years, and one look at that would be a great motivation to work a little more!

So, dear reader, in the interests of helping us all out:

How do you motivate yourself to do some work?