Keeping Track Of Your Ideas

In this lesson, I’m going to show you an easy way to keep track of your ideas.

In my old music notebooks, I used to write down ideas – exercises, techniques, an idea for a tune, an arrangement, and so on.

I used to use a little star symbol to indicate an idea that I’d like to develop. It meant I wanted to evolve the idea somehow.

The problem was finding the things I’d tagged because I’d make hundreds of notes.

Now all my notes are digital which makes them all searchable, and I use a tag, ‘evolvex’, to find all the ideas I want to work on.

The ‘x’ is so I return only the terms I want, and not all files on my hard drive that have the word ‘evolve’ in them (it’s highly unlikely that evolvex appears anywhere I haven’t tagged it.

So, if I’m stuck for something to do, I just type ‘evolvex’ into search and I’m shown all the things I could work on at that moment.

I LOVE stuff like this. Systems and what not. Check out this page which has a list of tools and resources I use all the time.

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Comments on Keeping Track Of Your Ideas

  1. Mike Outram says:

    Interesting – I think that’s just how it is these days, there’s always something new or better. I think it means that support has to be stellar and quick so that you can get things moving before the tool becomes obsolete! Like my current hosting people – any issue I’ve had has been solved on live chat in 5 minutes, whereas previously I’d have had to search their site for an answer, then open a ticket, wait for a response, and then more back and forth that could last a week or so. I’ll happily pay extra just for that speed of managing the app/service.

    Yep, I like the Cornford. Nice simple amp :)

    The other guy that made the Cornfords now makes these:

  2. Jonathan Paul Martin says:

    Jeez! I checked out the tools and resources. It would take my entire life just managing all those apps.

    Tragedy that Cornford went bust. I have a Harlequin Mk 1. Gorgeous sound. Just waiting for some new valves.

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