The First Bite

Don’t listen to things too much.

Don’t go over and over it.

Don’t prepare too much.

It’s like when you take a bite of some really good chocolate. You get the hit. But, if you carry on and eat the whole box, it loses its potency.

You just want that first hit.

Or the first sip of beer. Great! After three, it’s a different thing :)

A hit of something exceptional.


Comments on The First Bite

  1. tony heiberg says:

    Was is Plato who philosophiesed that “Moderation in all things is best”? Not that I follow this dictum when drinking beer although I am sure that I should – especially at gigs. That other noted philisopher, Duncan Hemstock, has a convincing theory about the futility of attempting to play 2 pint jazz.

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