Donna Lee Lesson with Jens Larson, Mike Outram, Nick Homes, Sergio Wagner

Donna Lee is a classic jazz tune, nice chord changes, challenging melody, and tons of classic recordings to pore over.

So last week my buddy Nick Homes invited me, Jens Larson and Sergio Wagner to contribute a chorus on Donna Lee for his splendid YouTube channel along with some analysis. It was fun to do this, and great that the world is so small now that four chaps from Argentina, Netherlands & London can just come together to make something so easily :) Huge thanks to Nick for putting this together!

You can hear each solo and commentary from the players, grab the Notation/TAB, and check out all the websites and marvellous things that these chaps are up to below.

PS – There’s oodles of material like this for jazz guitarists inside ElectricCampfire, so if you’re not a member yet and are crying into your beer at night wishing if only there was some place in the Interwebs where a guitarist was figuring out Brecker & Parker solos and showing you exactly how to do that on the guitar, then *aheeemmmm* Look no further :)

Donna Lee Video


Download the notation for my Donna Lee solo here

Check the video description for the PDFs to the other contributions & links to websites.

Also, I made 3 albums (Not Tonight, Indian Summer, Collected Dreams) with Nick which you can check out here